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DREAM - Learning 2.0: Digital literacies and innovation 2009-2014. It is the overall objective of the project to galvanise innovative learning processes in order to sustain a diverse development of knowledge societies. This objective will be realised through systematic, interdisciplinary studies of young people’s digital literacies as they unfold in the semi-formal learning sites of Danish science centres and museums, particularly through the use of so-called web 2.0 technologies. http://www.dream.dk/#/172495/

The Encyclopedia of Media and Communication Research. Associate editor. The Encyclopedia, published 2009 (in Danish) by Samfundslitteratur, Copenhagen (500 pages). The editorial team is revising the book thoroughly for re-publication 2012. The book, which is the first of its kind, carries entries about theories, concepts, methods, prominent scholars and schools and a wide range of media and communication topics. The editorial team of three associate editors manages the creative process of inspiring 15 topic editors and 75 authors, with associate professor Søren Kolstrup, Aarhus University, as editor-in-chief.

Cross-media consumption of news. The project started as part of the project "Newspapers and journalism in transition: The printed press as a cultural and political resource" 2007-2010 - a research project financed by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities http://aviser.mef.ku.dk/ The project undertakes online surveys of cross-media news consumption (2008 and 2011), as well as qualitative studies of the news media as resources in everyday life.


Recent key publications

(2011) "Audiences are inherently cross-media", Communication Management Quarterly 18 (6), 5-28.

(2011) "Fra Habermas 'classic' til teorier om hverdagsborgerskab", i P. Almlund & Nina B. Andersen, red., Fra metateori til kommunikation, Hans Reitzel 2011.

(2010) “Towards a typology of cross-media news consumption: a qualitative-quantitative synthesis” (co-authored with C. Kobbernagel), Northern Lights 8, pp. 115-38.

(2010) “The shifting cross-media news landscape. Challenges for news producers” (co-authored with Bent Steeg Larsen). Journalism Studies 11 (4): 524-534.

(2010) ”Danskernes brug af nyhedsmedier: et nyt landkort. En pejling af danskernes navigation i nyhedsuniverset”. Journalistica nr. 1, 2010, s. 8-37.

(2010) "Introduction: Digital Content Creation: Perceptions, Practices, and Perspectives," (co-authored with Kirsten Drotner), pp. 1-13 in K. Drotner & K. C. Schrøder (eds), Digital Content Creation: Creativity, Competence, Critique. New York: Peter Lang.

(2009) Medie- og kommunikationsleksikon. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur. Co-edited with Søren Kolstrup, Gunhild Agger, and Per Jauert.
Se http://www.samfundslitteratur.dk/Visning-af-titel.242.0.html?&cHash=f564d6c99f&ean=9788759309971

(2008) Informal Learning and Digital Media, (co-edited with Kirsten Drotner, Hans Siggaard-Jensen), Cambridge Scholars Press.

(2007) "Complexifying media power: A study of the interplay between media and audience discourses on politics", Media, Culture & Society, vol. 29 no 6 (co-author: Louise Phillips).

(2005) "The Everyday Construction of Mediated Citizenship: People’s Use and Experience of News Media in Denmark" (with Louise Phillips). In G. Lowe & P. Jauert, eds., Cultural dilemmas in Public service broadcasting (s. 179-198). Gothenburg: Nordicom. Read article

(2004) Sådan taler medier og borgere om politik: En diskursanalytisk undersøgelse af politik i det medialiserede samfund. (with Louise Phillips). Aarhus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag. 320 s.

(2003) Researching Audiences, London: Edward Arnold. Co-authored.

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