Linda Lapiņa

Part-time Lecturer

Universitetsvej 1

Building: 3.1.4

DK-4000 Roskilde


Phone: 4674-2797

Research areas

  • Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism Affectivity Mobility Racialization Urban Diversity
  • Gender studies, Ethnicity, Equal rights Embodied methodologies Feminist theory Intersectionality Passing
  • Geography, Geology, Topography Cultural geography Feminist geographies

Research areas

My research examines social and spatial inclusion and exclusion in urban areas perceived as 'diverse', multicultural and gentrifying: specifically, the Copenhagen district of Nordvest. I focus on the role of intersecting markers (race, class, gender...) in the mutual emergence and malleability of spaces, bodies and affective circulations.

I have developed an embodied, affective methodology as a general approach when conducting ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, autoethnography and arts-based methods. Central themes in my research include enactments of bodies, spaces and affect; negotiations of 'diversity', cohesion and ideals for good urban life; social inclusion and exclusion; intersectionality and passing; gentrification; affective politics of knowledge production; emergence of 'Danishness'; space-making; and researcher positions.

My research is interdisciplinary, incorporating perspectives from migration studies, cultural geography, urban and gentrification research, critical race and whiteness studies, feminist theory and posthumanities.

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