Leif Hemming Pedersen

Part-time Lecturer

Universitetsvej 1

Building: 42.2

DK-4000 Roskilde


Research areas

  • Communication, Journalism, Media Language, Language usage, Philosophy of language

Research and education information

I hold a MA in Journalism and English from Roskilde University. I have worked on several media research projects as a Research Assistant and is now affiliated with Journalism as an external lecturer.

My primary research areas of interest are media language/media discourse, public sphere(s), Journalism-PR relations and the citizens/users so-called public connection. In short: Who is - and has the right/power - to speak(ing) in the public sphere(s) and how is this visible in the media output.

Methodologically, my competencies are mainly within framing and discourse analysis, but I also have solid experience in (quantitative) content analysis and - to a lesser extent - in the field of reception studies.


ID: 57141661