Laura Horn

Associate Professor

Universitetsvej 1

Building: 24.1

DK-4000 Roskilde


Phone: 4674-3109

Mobile: 5124-6781

Research areas

  • Economics, Politics European Studies Global Political Economy Global Studies International Relations Political economy of European integration

Research areas

My main research area is Global Political Economy, with particular attention to  the regional manifestation of these structures and processes in the context of European integration. I’m interested in the changing nature of capitalist restructuring and how these developments affect social power relations.

Empirically, my work analyses the regulation of corporate governance and corporate accountability in the EU and beyond; the nature of the emerging European state formation; the question of which role organized labour can play in the (re)formulation of economic and social policies at the EU level, as well as a broader examination of left strategies and alternatives in the context of the challenges posed by the financial, economic, social and environmental crisis.

My work is situated within a historical materialist tradition, and engages with the writings of Marx, Gramsci and Poulantzas, amongst others. I'm eager to participate in theoretical debates; at the same time I try to maintain an empirical grounding for my work - following Marx and Engels' insight that 'philosophy and the study of the actual world have the same relation to one another as masturbation and sexual love.' (The German Ideology)

I also have a strong interest in critical feminist writing, as well as (Marxist) discussions of science fiction and dystopian literature. 

I am a member of the 2015-2017 Executive Committee of the European Sociological Association, as Chair of the Research Network Council. Prior to this I have been a board member of the ESA Critical Political Economy Research Network for many years. I participate regularly in meetings of an ETUI expert group on corporate governance - see The Sustainable Company (2011, edited by Sigurt Vitols and Norbert Kluge) for an alternative corporate governance framework. 


Prior to my position as Associate Professor International Relations and European Integration at the Department of Society and Globalisation, I have been working at the Department of Political Science at the VU University Amsterdam, first as doctoral researcher, then as Assistant Professor International Relations, and finally, having successfully secured funding, as postdoctoral researcher. 

My background is mainly in International Political Economy; I have an MA in IPE from the University of Newcastle (2003, with distinction). Prior to this I have studied politics, history and English at the University of Freiburg. 

Research and teaching information

My main teaching responsibilities are in the Global Studies programme. Courses I have taught include Global Political Economy, International Politics, International Public Economics, Labour in the Global Political Economy, Gendering Global Studies, Interview methodology, Philosophy of Social Science, Analytical Strategies in Social Science, Crises in the Eurozone, the voluntary German language profile at RUC etc. I am also the convenor of the summer school Repoliticising Capitalism at RUC. 

Office hours in the autumn term 2017 - Mondays 12-14. 

I am happy to supervise BA and MA projects in the areas of Global Political Economy, International Relations and European Integration. 

I would also be interested in supervising PhD projects focusing on e.g. 

  • corporate governance and corporate accountability
  • transnational corporations, regulation and the state
  • critical perspectives on European integration 
  • the role of experts in the policy-making process
  • (organised)labour and European integration 


And as part of our department's promotional strategy, see this video with a brief outline of of the above. Screen award nominations can be addressed to me directly. 

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