Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism: Cultural analysis

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  1. Buciek, Keld

    Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (City-Nature relations, Cultural analysis, Cultural studies, Heritage-studies, hybridity, identity), Education, Learning, Training (Advanced education, Education planning, General education, Life history, Primary and lower secondary school, Problem oriented project work, Project work - methods and didactics, Qualitative methods, Science didactics), Geography, Geology, Topography (African studies, Geography of colonization and nationalism, Natural history, Representation analysis, Travel studies), Physical planning, Urban studies (Cultural Landscape, Cultural Planning, Formation of Identity, Place consumption, Space and place, Urban life)

    • Bærenholdt, Jørgen Ole

      Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (anthropology and ethnography, Cultural analysis, Cultural history and cultural economy, hybridity, Museum communication, Post-colonial Denmark, Religion and society), Event, Tourism, Performance (Body, Cultural industries, Experience economy, Experience management, Interactive museum communication, Organisation, Process management in a performative space, Theory of experience, Tourism, Travel studies), Geography, Geology, Topography (Community studies, Denmark, Europe, Geography of colonization and nationalism, globalization, Local development, material culture, mobilities, networks, Place Enactment, place, space, power, and cultural experience, placemaking and identity, Regional development, Regional policy, Regionalization, Spatial Change, The North Atlantic region, Travel studies), History, Society (Colonialism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Millieu, Memory, Nationalism, Nordic Atlantic Societies, Regionalism, Spatial organisation of society), Management, Organization, Business economy and administration, Management and organization of industry, trade, and communication (Experience Production, Innovation, Staff Performance, Working Life), Physical planning, Urban studies (citizen participation, Coping, Coping strategies, Formation of Identity, Innovation, Networking, Place consumption, Planning, Regional development)

      • Galal, Lise Paulsen

        Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (Cultural analysis, Cultural understanding, Inter-cultural competence, Religion and society), Gender studies, Ethnicity, Equal rights (Anthropology, Ethnic minorities and gender, Ethnicity, Incorporation of Ethnic Minorities), Philosophy, History of ideas, Religion. Theology (Islam, Islam and Islamization)

        • Jensen, Signe Mette

          Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (Cultural analysis), Childhood, Adolescence, Family (Child research, Youth), Welfare state, Welfare society (Everyday life)

          • Langer, Roy

            Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (Cultural analysis, Inter-cultural competence), Communication, Journalism, Media (Advertising, Business Journalism, Communication in relation to accidents, Consumption Studies, Corporate Communication, Discourse analysis, institutional theory and media, Inter-cultural (visual) communication, Marketing communication, Media, Media and democracy, Organizational Communication, Political communication, Public Relations, Risk communication, Target group research, The political influence of the media, Weblogs), Law, Ethics (Advertising Ethics, Communication Ethics), Management, Organization, Business economy and administration, Management and organization of industry, trade, and communication (Business network, Consumption Studies, Corporate Communications, Corporate governance, Institutional theory, International marketing, Market research, Organization analysis, Organization and management, Organizations and management, Process consulting, Public Relations), Theory of science, History and sociology of science, knowledge and technology, Research policy (Qualitative methods, Sociological methodology)

            • Sørensen, Bo Wagner

              Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (Cultural analysis), Gender studies, Ethnicity, Equal rights (Anthropology, Equal opportunity in Greenland, Gender, Male sex, Violence against women), Welfare state, Welfare society (Violence against women)

              • Wulf-Andersen, Trine Østergaard

                Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism (Cultural analysis, Cultural studies, Cultural understanding, Modernity), Childhood, Adolescence, Family (Child culture and childcare institutions, Childrens everyday life, Everyday life and childcare institutions, Foster care, Working life and family life, Youth), Education, Learning, Training (Everyday life and childcare institutions, Identity and everyday life, Interdisciplinary research and teaching, Learning, Learning & self-management in welfare institutions, Learning and physical environment, Learning environments and life story learning, Learning theory, Life story and biography, Lifelong learning, Practice learning, Qualitative methodes, Youth and education), Psychology (Identity, Social psychology), Welfare state, Welfare society (Care, Communities, Diversity, Marginalization, Modern pathologies, Social heredity, Social work and institutions, Welfare institutions and social work)