Bjørn Thomassen

Associate Professor

Universitetsvej 1

4000 Roskilde


Universitetsvej 1

Building: 23.1

DK-4000 Roskilde


Phone: 4674-3268

Mobile: 2752-1027

Research and teaching information

Bjørn Thomassen is associate professor at the Department of Society and Globalisation. With BA and MA degrees in anthropology (University of Copenhagen), a doctoral degree in political and social science (European University Institute, Florence), and a post.doc. in sociology (University College of Cork), Bjørn works broadly across the social and political sciences. Research areas and interests include urban studies, cultural and political dimensions of globalisation, nationalism, identity & memory politics. He is generally interested in anthropological approaches to political and social change, including the study of political revolutions. Regions of specialization: Italy, Southern Europe, the Mediterranean area, Europe.

Recent books:

Liminality and the Modern. Living Through the In-Between, Ashgate, 2014

Global Rome: Changing Faces of the Eternal City, Indiana University Press, 2014

Breaking Boundaries: Varieties of Liminality. Co-edited volume with H. Wydra and A. Horvath, Berghahn, 2015

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