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Building: 25.3

DK-4000 Roskilde


Phone: 4674-2585

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Research areas

  • Childhood, Adolescence, Family Family and the labour market
  • Economics, Politics Labour market Social politics and the EU tax Welfare State
  • History, Society Welfare State
  • Labour market Family and the labour market Labour market
  • Management, Organization, Business economy and administration, Management and organization of industry, trade, and communication Economy policy
  • Welfare state, Welfare society Social politics and the EU

Research areas




BENT GREVE, Born 14th December 1953 at Frederiksberg, Denmark. Danish nationality. Private address: Søhuse 15, 2880 Bagsværd, Denmark. Phone/fax 4522958814. Working address:  Roskilde University, Department of Social  Science and Globalisation, Postbox 260, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark, 46742585. E-mail:, fax 46743080




After graduating with leaving certificate on a-level in 1972 Bent Greve studied at Copenhagen University.

1977 MA in Economics from Copenhagen University.

1992 Ph.D. in Public Administration from Roskilde University

2002 Doctoral degree in Public Administration from Roskilde University


Working experience:

2 years as Academic Assistant in the Danish Association of County Councils from 1977-1979

3 ½ years as Economist at the Economic Board of the Danish Labour movement 1979-1982

3 ½ years as Head of the Secretariat at The Danish Union of Journalists. 1982-1986

Since 1986 at Roskilde University and 1992- 1.2.2006 as Head of Department and Roskilde University's external responsible for social sciences (dean).

1997 appointed Jean Monnet Professor in European Labour Market and Social Policy.

2001 Professor in Welfare State Analysis.

2000-2008 responsible for Jean Monnet Center of Excellences at Roskilde University.

2006 Responsible for Master in Public Policy.

2010- Leader research group on welfare, diversity and social cohesion


Besides that being member of several boards and committees in Denmark and internationally.


Bent Greve has coordinated several research projects. This includes among others a comparative project on family policy in five welfare states. Beside, being actively involved in several research projects on the welfare state. He has published widely on different elements of the welfare state including free choice and vouchers, cf. the literature list.


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