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Visual culture and performance design

The research group "Visual culture and performance design" conducts research in the cognitive and experiential potentials of complex media forms within the broad field of cultural production.

The aim is to contribute to the understanding of the particularity of various expressive forms and their contextual basis. The group investigates practical as well as theoretical problems pertaining to the design, actualization, analysis, and evaluation of different types of cultural products and experiences. The ambition is to develop and strengthen RUC's position in this field of research, nationally and internationally.

The research group retains a methodical pluralism but unites in the engagement with central concepts such as body and space, cognition and creativity, taste and style, emotions and fantasy, fascination and mediation. Another commonality is the engagement in the development of new, experimental methods in the study of the experiences and pleasures of the audience.

The interdisciplinary outlook of the group's research derives from the fact that the members have special competences in different fields of study: visual pedagogy, dramaturgy, film studies, philosophy, photography, graphic design, linguistics, literary studies, art history, modern culture, museum studies, music studies, psychology, and rhetorics. In addition, almost all of the members have practical experience not only as presenters of their research but also as active performers/producers in their respective fields.




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