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The research activities planned within the research initiative on “The Dynamics of Globalisation, Inequality and New Processes of International Interaction” will bring together and strengthen research activities on processes of globalisation in joint efforts among scholars from four departments at RUC. The thematic focus will be on three broad areas: New global actors, Dynamics of fragility and Global inequalities. These three topical issues are in urgent need of investigation and research: the shifting balance of economic and political power in a rapidly changing world as well as the new social actors, including the impact of the new social medias, are dimensions of the new social realities at global, national and regional level; dynamics of fragility lead to struggles over public authority in many parts of the world and challenge a state-centred view of the world; and processes of globalisation produce not just income inequality but also new social and political inequalities along dimensions such as gender, ethnicity and religion that have challenged the existing social order and fuelled new collective responses.


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