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  • Arbejdsmarked Køn, Etnicitet, Ligestilling Velfærdsstat, Velfærdssamfund


Research interests
My research follows two lines which I endeavour to combine as often as possible: labour market issues, especially concerning the industrial relations, and gender and diversity.
My present research parts into five interrelated themes: leadership, gender & change; gender equality and 'parity in participation'; solidarity, social cohesion & diversity; global female workers at the Nordic labour markets; interaction between state & market e.g. flexicArity. 

Gender and diversity (all issues); industrial relations especially trade unions and employee interests/problems; flexicurity and gender; gender, leadership and organisation; solidarity, diversity and power; qualitative research methods; discourse analysis (e.g. Derrida, Søndergaard, Fairclough) incl. criticism of the same; theory of justice (Fraser).



ID: 4793