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  • Ledelse, Organisation, Erhvervsøkonomi, Virksomhedsøkonomi Organizational change in health care organizations -including policy-/strategy implementation, quality development and participatory IT-development processes Corporate Social Responsibility Health care innovation in organizations and public-private innovation networks Innovation in public organizations Organizational change (in general) Organizational change as translation Resistance to change The design perspective on organizational innovation and change


John Damm Scheuer is associate professor in organisational change at the Department of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University. His research has focused on how innovative ideas are translated and implemented in practice in health care and other organizations. As participant in the EU-project ServPPIN he did research in innovation in public-private innovation networks. In the book “The Anatomy of Change – A Neo-Institutionalist Perspectiv, CBS Press, 2008 ( edited in collaboration with professor Steen Scheuer, University of Southern Denmark), the neo-institutional perspective on organisational change is investigated. In the contribution to; Innovation and The Creative Process - Towards Innovation with Care, Edward Elgar, 2008 (edited by professor Lars Fuglsang,), the concept of "innovation with care in health care" is explored. Recently the design approach to organisational and socio-technical change has been explored in the book: Design Research: Synergies from Interdisciplinary Perspectives by Simonsen, Bærenholdt, Büscher and Scheuer, Routledge, 2010. In the book: “The Balanced Company – Organizing for the 21st century, Gower/Ashgate 2013, balancing and learning processes in modern organizations are looked into.  In the Clinical Communication Project participatory design of electronic whiteboards are looked into just as implications of design theories for project managers organizing of design projects have been focused upon in a study.

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