The research project "Europeanisation and Globalisation" is an interdisciplinary project partly financed by Interreg, with its main base at historie CUID. The main objective of the research group is to closer examine, reflect and/or respond to current and pressing questions. From a humanistic as well as a social science perspective it will discuss what the global and European pressure for change poses to the individual and society at large. The research group organizes four public seminars annually during a three-year period.

It is of particular importance in this context to underline the humanistic and cultural approach for understanding the themes/questions that fall under what is considered European and global. The humanities have to date had a tendency to focus inwards, putting its main emphasis on the national context. This project aims to cross that barrier.

Our ambition is to draw competence from the Danish as well as the Swedish research environment. In addition, the European and global expertise attending each seminar will be invited to discuss broader issues such as; Border regional experiences from a European and global perspective or Europe and the world - future scenarios. The first seminar (March 16) discusses "What is wrong with the past of Europe?". Once the seminar series comes to an end, it will be compiled in a publication with the working title “The Øresund Region - Between globalization and regionalization in time and space.

The aim is also to build a new network of researchers in the Öresund region. The seminar series is also intended to establish networking effects for similar research environments outside the region. The research group's various members are today already established in several international networks.



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